Prospective Vendors

Why sell on this platform?

R0 / month fixed costs
  • No Fixed Costs
  • No Minimum Output Requirements
  • Exposure to Larger Audience
  • Support Environmental Sustainability
  • No Signup Fees

Why sell on this platform?

R0 / month fixed costs
  • Tap features below for explanation!
  • No Fixed Costs
  • No Minimum Output Requirements
  • Exposure to Larger Audience
  • Support Environmental Sustainability
  • No Signup Fees

Who are we?

Locally Grown is a new website started by an ex-student of Stellenbosch University. The website is an online marketplace for the buying and selling of sustainable/organic produce. It is designed to promote sustainable farming methods by creating an easy hassle free way for small/medium scale farmers and craftsman to sell their products.

Why sell on this platform?

  • Forget the fixed stall fees of traditional markets which often force you to charged inflated prices for your produce in order to break-even.
  • No fixed monthly fees (We only withhold a 5% commission on the value of products actually sold).
  • No minimum output contract. You only sell what you have when you have it. This promotes seasonal, natural farming practices.
  • Sell directly to customers nearby, eliminating many layers of middleman retailer fees allowing you to sell your products at lower prices than retailers and drive increased sales.
  • Gain increased publicity for your produce and use this to drive sales.
  • Opportunity to promote your store on the front page of the website.

How it will work?

  • Vendors submit an online registration form summarizing their basic information.
  • We at Locally Grown review the application to ensure it is in line with our operating standards. A successful application grants the vendor access to their own vendor dashboard from which he/she manages all aspects of their new online store.
  • After uploading a couple of pictures and any other relevant information products can easily be created and published as for sale.
  • All shipping is handled by the vendor and can be configured in minutes from the vendor dashboard.
  • Payment by the customer is handled by PayFasts secure online gateway into the Locally Grown bank account. Locally Grown withholds 5% commission on the value of all products sold on this platform. However, we do not withhold any commission on shipping charges.
  • All shipping, taxes (VAT) and the balance of the payment (95%) for the products sold is transferred to the vendor on the 10th of each month.

All vendors participating in Locally Grown must:

  • Agree to follow all rules and regulations as outlined below and abide by the mission of the market.
  • Be transparent in online correspondence regarding their growing methods and use of chemicals, GMOs, etc.
  • Comply with applicable local and provincial laws and licensing/permitting requirements.
  • Submit a complete and accurate online vendor registration form
  • Ensure all products sold are grown/produced within 100 kilometers of the market address.

 Product Standards for Locally Grown

  1. No artificial chemical pesticides or herbicides used in the growing of the fresh produce.
  2. No virgin land must have been cleared in the production.
  3. Animal products must be from animals kept in free ranging pastures.
  4. There is zero tolerance for animal cruelty.
  5. All products sold at the market must be grown/produced within 100 kilometers of the vendors location as presented on vendor registration (as determined by Google Maps).
  6. Products sold by the vendor must be produced by the vendor.
  7. May only sell items purchased from third parties if significant modifications have been made by locally Grown vendor such that a new product is formed.
  8. No illegal items may be sold.
  9. No alcohol may be sold.
  10. All items sold on this platform must be packaged 100% plastic free! There is zero tolerance for plastic! Orders may be packaged in paper bags or cardboard boxes. Please see cornstarch packaging if you wish to use something that resembles plastic.
  11. Items purchased from third parties and used in the production of products sold on this platform must also meet the all above requirements except that the 100 km requirement is extended to be South African produced.
  12. All photos must be taken by the vendor or actually be of the vendors farm!

Vendor Categories:

  • Farm Products: Fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers, plants, eggs, meats, uncracked nuts, honey, maple syrup, cheese and other agricultural products.
  • Value ­added Products: Jams, jellies, roasted coffee, cracked nuts, baked goods, and other edible goods (not grown by vendor) individually labeled and made for off site consumption.
  • Artisan Crafts: Art, crafts, jewelry, homemade soaps, lotions, etc.

 Application Process

  • The vendor registration form must be filled out online and is subject to approval by the Locally Grown Manager.

General Information, Rules and Regulations

Costs to Vendors

  • Vendors will be paid 95% of all products sold through Locally Grown, meaning a 5% fee will be required for selling on the Locally Grown platform.
  • Vendors will be paid 100% of all shipping costs collected through the Locally Grown platform.
 Vendor online store must be maintained properly
  • Vendors will display a page indicating the: farm name, logo, picture of people that are responsible for the farm’s products, description of the principal business of the farm, and clear photos and descriptions for each product posted.
  • All photos must be taken by the vendor or actually be of the vendors farm!
  • Any other displayed information must be directly related to the vendor’s farm/business. 
  • Product photos must be attractively displayed online

All products need to have proper descriptions which include:

  • Common name of the food product
  • List of ingredients (if there are more than two) given in descending order of  predominance by weight
  • Quantity specifications given in weight, volume, or pieces

Artisan Crafts guidelines

  • Products/items must be crafted and significantly altered from their raw or original state to be considered.
  • Items that are merely painted (not paintings) or re-purposed without significant alterations are not allowed to be sold at the market.
  • Photographs, descriptions of materials and the creation process are very helpful in determining the eligibility of items.

Vendors must have conduct worthy of community and shall:

  • Maintain their online products, photos, and descriptions with professionalism
  • Be courteous to customers, other vendors, and market personnel.
  • Vendors may not:
  • Make disparaging comments about other individuals or the market.
  • Vendors must comply with all provincial and national laws. 
  • Vendors assume full responsibility for their products
  • Vendors agree to assume full responsibility and to hold Locally Grown harmless from any product claims brought against the vendor in regards to his/her products and/or services.

Customer Experience

The website makes use of googles geolocation services to pinpoint the user’s location in order to display vendors nearby, thus promoting the purchase of locally grown produce. This also makes everyone’s lives easier by driving sales to clients nearby, thereby reducing the costs of delivery.

For a sneak peak of the vendor dashboard once registered please see the vendor registration page below the registration form, or click here.